"Rather safe
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Sometimes it can get a bit busy, so please book a table to avoid disappointment, especially with birthdays and special celebrations. For bookings please phone: 051 436 0742 or fill out the form below
Terms for booking a table> Please arrive on time or phone ahead if you’re going to be late, we wouldn’t want to give your table to someone else, however you have half an hour leniency. If you bring your own cake to eat at our restaurant there is a Cake fee of R200. P.S.Dress code applies (As we are a family friendly restaurant we ask our guests to be considerate of all our visitors therefore the following policy applies: no excessive exposure of cleavage, skirts/shorts may not be shorter than your extended arm length and the wearing of a mask is mandatory).  

No Power? Problem!

We have generator power! So when the lights go out ...We are still open for business!

We are Wheelchair  Friendly!

We have a wheelchair friendly bathroom as well as elevators and a ramp leading to our restaurant! 


Please arrive on time, we cannot guarantee your table should you arrive more than 30 minutes late
Reservations must be made 24 hours prior to booking otherwise your booking will not be valid
Due to COVID19 special regulations will be put into place

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